Monday, December 26, 2011

My first Essie NOTD

Hey Honeybees! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas with all the prezzies you wanted :) My hubby spoiled me rotten!
So This is the first ever Essie nail polish i've ever bought! I don't know... when it comes to drugstore I don't like to pay 8 dollars for a polish, Essie really isn't considered  "drugstore" though so for my stocking this year hubby made me write down all the drugstore makeup i wanted to try. On the list was an Essie polish i've been eyeing for awhile called "Big Spender" a magenta"y" pink and I LOVE it!!

                     Sorry my nails are messy, I painted my nails while watching a movie basically in the dark lol

My conclusion? I will definitely be buying more, the color pay off is great and the colors are original.Not something that is easily "dupeable"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Im Baaaaaacck! lol Insanely long post&tons of pics

Hey honeybees!! So some of you have been asking where I have been... sadly to say my laptop died on me a couple days after hubby left and with him taking his laptop & not having the spare cash to blow on a macbook pro all I had was my blackberry and was sooo annoying trying to upload anything! SO I'm back and have 2 months of content to catch up on, hauls,tags,etc. so stay tuned for those :)

So what have I been up to these past months:
I was a classy 60's Bunny in honor of the playboy club, which has unfortunately been cancelled :(

My hubby is finally back yay!!!! We went and got our tree and all the trimmings today so very exciting :) Here it is:

I've been learning russian :) So far its been a fun challenge!! The Living Language coursebook is best for learning "conversational" russian just in case any of you were looking into learning a new language.

My name in Russian, I did it with eyeliner LOL Possible tattoo??

 And of course lots of shopping lol I've been obsessed with VS and anything pink recently

Their new fragrance "Gorgeous" I am absolutely in love with this perfume and went back and bought the full size, I also tried vs makeup for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised... I think their lipgloss in Innocent is a dupe for NARS Turkish Delight, but Ill do a more in depth post about that in my upcomming posts.
 Then as I was walking out I saw this and just HAD to have it lol <3

 Then did alitte on post shopping :) Got the new VS Vixen body spray, two glosses from the new revlon winter collection in Glitz&Glam and Cocktail Dress then Bonnebells Mocha Mousse which is a Mlbb and earrings from Stephen and Co, I was in the process of putting them in so that's why there's only one lol
 Wet n Wilds' new palette in Baked not fried... honestly this palette was kind of a let down. But I hate baked eyeshadows so I don't know what I really was expecting lol

 Wet n Wilds new Matte palette "I <3 Matte" Also didn't love the colors, it really clashes with my pale skin tone : /

So as all you lovely ladies know by now: The Revlon Lip Butters are amazing! I have Sweet Tart, Cupcake,Cotton Candy, Creme Brulee, Lollipop, and Berry Smoothie. If you want I can do swatches but im sure you all have seen so much of it already. Have you tried any, what are your fave colors?
 (This was a small haul, I got Revlons' Pink in the afternoon, lipbutters cupcake and cotton candy, sinful colors lipgloss in Pucker up & Kiss... they're surprisingly good for only 1.99, theyre creamy and smell like cupcakes!)

More shopping lol

I tried the new Belle Makeup brushes. I only got them for a dollar a piece so the fact that they absolutely suck isn't too much of a loss lol. At the same time the e.l.f. brushes I own are the same price tag but loads better so  that's a tad dissapointing but hey ho.

So I got another pair of earrings from Stephan & CO. I absolutely love their earrings!

This was a total bargain!! I got this from Kohls for only 11.00 down from 93.00!!  So vintage and I love it :)

I also love my new love ring from Debs, im still in the market for a gold love ring so if any of you honeybees know a place definitely let me know :) 
 I also tried L'Oreals' Eye Illuminator Mascara which isn't anything special. The formula is pretty drying and makes my lashes feel like sticks however I do love the glitter end. It would be perfect for a new year eve party!

I also added two new perfumes to my collection: Couture Couture by Juicy Couture and Jessica Simpson "Fancy"

Couture Couture: Honestly wasn't all that impressed! I love Viva La Juicy so I bought this without trying it first and now I regret it... when you first spray it it smells like straight up Grape soda and bubblegum which is totally gross to me then it floats into a grandma smell, then at the VERY end it opens up to a woody "incensey" smell which does truely smells good but lasts only about 30 min. I definitely will not be repurchasing sadly.

Fancy: Was definitely more my style its such a creamy vanilla gourmond! Smells like yummy baked goods! It also has a mysterious warm smell. If you're into these kind of fragrances I say give it a go :)

My current nail of the day is China Glaze Fault line over Revlons' Gumdrop

I also got extensions, the clip in kind and loooove them! I used to have hair down to my rear and then decided to cut it all off to my shoulders then cried when the hairdresser spun me around lol so ever since then I've been growing my hair out. I got mine from Sallys beauty Supply, the Sassy collection ones in shade 2 since my hair is a red on top and more cinnamon on bottom.I honestly don't have any complaints except they smell abit chemically funky when you first take them out of the packaging so I would say wash them first.

And last but certainly not least... D.D.O.J. lol
 He likes to sit on the windowsill lol yes he's basically a cat lol

Sleeping under the covers while mommy studies her russian :)
Jack&I hanging out and having a deep conversation as to why he shouldn't bark at people passing by on the street lol

I hope you dolls had a great past two months lol and thank you SO much for whoever waited for me :) You guys are the best! Till next time                                         

                                                                 XoXo -Lerin