Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coming Back for more, Cosmetics I've rebought

Hey Honeybees, great news!! I got a job at The Clarksville Country Club, I will be planning events, helping out with the waitstaff, and doing anything else that needs to be taken care of on a daily basis.  SUPER excited as it is alot of hours and time = money  or in my case shoes,clothes, and makeup lol But seriously i'm understanably nervous at the same time, I've never been a waitress unless you count me working in the kitchen as a volunteer at my old church. Do any of you that have been a waitress have any good tips?? Any would be greatly appreciated! :) So onto what you came here to see lol As a frequent buyer of drugstore makeup I find myself always buying something new so I find myself never running out of stuff! Like I'm sure most of you lovely ladies can agree. So I caught myself thinking what do I actually buy a second , third and even FOURTH time just because its so good it always wanders into my daily makeup routine. This is what I keep coming back for more :)

Left to right: Revlon Super Lustrous in Peach Petal (2)
Wet n Wild Lipstick Think Pink (2)
E.L.F. Eyelid Primer (4)
Hard Candy Glow All the Way with Self Tanner (2)
L.A. Colors Lip Palette in Kissable (2)
Revlon Just Bitten Lip stain in Gothic (2)
Smashbox Lipgloss in Luster (2)
Maybelline One by One Mascara in Very Black (2)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Primrose (2)
E.L.F. Contouring Blush and Bronzer (2)

Yes Ok so Im a Kate Middleton fan and love her ring lol but im not a weirdo that wears it on my ring finger on my left hand lol Harry's more my style ;) lol
The swatches are: Revlon Super Lustrous in Peach Petal
Wet n Wild in Think Pink
Hard candy Glow all the way
Revlon Just Bitten in Gothic
Smashbox gloss in Luster
Revlon Super Lustrous in Primrose

Sorry its dirty I was using it before I snapped the pic lol
The Swatches:

                           Hard Candy Bronzer, Hope you can see the difference, it was hard to photograph

The Maybelline One By One wouldn't photograph either it was so weird, this was the best shot I could get

and Lastly the E.L.F. Contouring Blush&Bronzer. I LOVE the blush in this but found that I have to use a light hand with the bronzer or else I will just look dirty lol

And can't forget D.D.O.J. (Daily dose of Jack, my dog for my new followers)
He was playing with his Dads scarf so I was playing around and put it on him... I think Jack has a future in Dog Modeling LOL

Hope you guys had a good start to the week!
xoxo -Lerin

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nails of the week, a FOTD and a small ramble

Hey Honeybees so I've been going "bare" lately... most of it was I couldn't be bothered to go put on a full face of makeup and wash it off at night so you could say I was lazy.  I finally got in makeup mode again so this was my face of the day. It was a tad bit more dramatic since hubby&I went out to a nice dinner BECAUUUSSSE.... HE MADE HIS E-6 *Does happy dance* I'll break it down for ya'll since I don't think any of my lovely followers are in the army (Do any of ya'll have hubbys or family members in the service?) Anyways E-6 is a rank in the army, Staff Sergeant or SSG to be exact.So that means he has troops he's in charge of now instead of a squad (which is about 4-12 people) AND the biggest benefit is a 600 dollar pay increase every month. Which we needed, that way we could afford to have two cars and not be on such a tight budget.I talked more about that im my "Small drugstore haul" a few posts back. SO thank you to anyone who prayed, I love you guys. and A big HELLO and welcome to all my new followers and as always if theres any tutorials, product reviews,etc. you would like to see just let me know :)
Now thats out of the way On with the face of the day :)

What I used:

Foundation: Revlon Photoready in 001 Ivory, which I love but I need a shade bit darker, I've found in natural lighting it washes me out pretty bad since I'm more a natural beige so I mixed a big of covergirl Beige (Which I don't really love.. it tends to be cakey on me) to darken it up abit.

Eyeshadow: ELF Vol. 1 36 eyeshadow palette Natural (lid: 1st shadow on the bottom row and crease: Last shadow on second row)

Mascara: L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen in Black (HAAAATTTEE this mascara) I will do a review as to why

Cheeks: Wet N Wild Ultimate Minerals in Barely Peachy

Lips: Covergirl Lip perfection in Heavenly, blotted to a stain... jurys still out on this one, I thought it was a nice medium pink but as you can see its much, much darker than what I thought but I may grow to love it, we'll see lol.

and My Nails of the week:

Sinful Colors' Nirvana with Sinful Colors Social Ladder on top to make it abit of a greyish purple

L.A. Colors Colorcraze in Sea Siren with NYC Starry Night Glitter Polish on top

Orlys' Fancy Fucshia <3 Such a girly barbie pink
My current Nails Sinful Colors Social Ladder. I wanted something polished and toned down

And for your D.D.O.J. (Daily Dose of Jack lol)

Sleepy Baby! After a long day of playing while mom&dad watch Torchwood

Staring out the window :)  He likes watching the bunnies & Squirrels that play outside my window.

Happy Friday Honeybees!! Be safe
x x -Lerin

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gloss Reviews Hard Candy 4 of 4

Hey Honeybees, sorry i'm springing all these posts on you.. I've just had alot to talk about lol So Early this year I saw Hardy Candy Glossoholic glosses and picked one up on a whim thinking they would be just a like all the other glittery lipglosses I have. BOY was I wrong! These are great glosses and SO cheap at only $5 a pop!! 

Left to right:
Chill Out
Rise & Shine Coffee Flavored gloss <3 <3 <3

Pros: Creamy&but great staying power
SO cheap
HUGE applicator! Like bigger than M.A.C. wonderwoman gloss
Tastes so good! Like a vanilla cupcake <3

Cons: If you like highly pigmented glosses than these will be a dissapointment, they're all pretty sheer
After the gloss wears off the flecks of glitter remain

                                                                Have you tried these glosses??
                                                                               x x -Lerin

My weekend

Hey honeybees, so Here's my fun filled weekend. We had a bbq, went down to the river,Went out for a fun night of dinner&drinks, and of course did alittle shopping most of it was for Jake (hubby) Bnoc in october. Hope you had a fun and safe weekend and Got through your Monday.
Blurry OOTE (evening) For the Platoon BBQ. We said goodbye to soldiers that were transfering to different Forts, Remember those we lost during hubbys last deployment, had yummy chicken, hot dogs, and CHEESEBURGERS mmm yumm oh and yummy turtle cheescake!

                                             Creeper pic of my hubby talking to his guys

Hubby throwing trying to dunk the platoon sargeant in the dunk tank

Everyone rolling in laughter as Private Wi out of frustration goes up and hits the dunk button lol

That would be hubbys Platoon Sargeant cigarette dangling out of his mouth waiting to be dunked... what can I say Cav Scouts are the cowboys of the Army lol

The Cumberland River Center!! Perfect Day out!! <3

Me heading down to the River trying out my first ever feather earrings whoo-hoo


Having a yummy m&m ice cream sandwhich!!! mmmm

And for your daily dose of Jack, I came into the living room to find this,that would be him with his head stuck in a potato chip bag lmao

Just chilling with me reading beauty blogs and youtube vids

Debuting my bright but muted pink lip on a night out headed to meet my girls :) Good look on me or no?

Early to go grab coffee for hubby&I on a very lazy sunday! <3

What did you honeybees do??
x x -Lerin

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Nails of the week, Yes plural lol

So I got asked why I do not post a nail of the week hardly anymore and that is because I basically either change it every day or do a french tip and keep it for 3 weeks so I decided once a week i'd show you all the colors that's been on my nails :) Enjoy

This is a mix that I made up from Pure Ice "Superstar" a pure pigmented white and N.Y.C. Orange Blossom. I can't get Barry M's Peach Melba where I live and have seen it everywhere so I decided I'd try to make my own. Sadly it didn't work. I think I may just order online :)

And... again FAIL FAIL FAAAIIIIILLLLL LOL I saw on my favorite beauty blogger Miss budget beauty do a polka dotted nail (hers was MUCH better) and so I painted the base CV Chocolate Plum and used China Glaze "For Audry" for the dots.  and since I absolutely SUCK at doing polka dots I just painted over it all Using....
China Glazes' For Audry of course :P I LOVE this shade and have gotten so many compliments for it. Plus Miss Audry Hepburn is the shiz lol She's was always gorgeous and perfectly stylish!!

So I used Pure Ice Superstar and sprinkled Hard Candy Show Girl Glitter over it. I couldn't get a good picture of it but it was like BAM!! blingy. It reminded me of snow, twinkling lights, and sparkly tinsel on a christmas tree. Perfect  mani for holiday parties!  Your hands would look great for pics when opening prezzies :)

My current nail shade is Sinful Colors in Nirvana. I LOVE it and its a great fall shade!
This is two coats by itself

And alot of my lovely  followers have been loving seeing my puppy in posts so I'd thought I'd feature him when I can get pics of him :)

REALLY mom???!??!!! Its 6 am, this is waaaayy too early for us to be up lol

And this is what greeted me when I walked out of my door with Jack to take him potty. Ewww YUCK!!!

                                                         Happy Monday Honeybees!!!
                                                                        x x -Lerin

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Small drugstore haul

Hey honeybees!! So I've been majorlly stressed lately! My husband is heading to BNOC in less than a month, which is a two month training course in the army, so we're currently trying to figure out the car situation. Right now we only have our Prius and he's heading down all the way to Ft. Benning, Georgia so he's gonna need a car to travel there,have transportation when him&the guys want to go to the pubs... just small little stuff that would be a major hassle if he didn't have a car. SO with that being said, It rests on me to find a job so we can afford the extra car payment/insurance and still have money to go out and have fun instead of bein stuck at home. Problem is, NO ones hiring... except fast food and I'm a fast food snob lol I eat it, I refuse to serve it lol. I've been putting in apps everywhere and NO callbacks ahhhh it makes me want to rip my hair out!! So if you believe in God or a "higher power", definitely send prayers that way for me.It would be MUCH appreciated!!!!
Anyway, enough depresso rambling, you can imagine I did what a responsible adult female should do when stressed: Shop... :P Ok so probably not the best thing but I don't know about you dolls but I shop when i'm stressed so I went a picked up a few drugstore items.

Cosmo (Miss Minka's looking gorgeous as ever!!)
Rimmels' New Extra Wow lash that I scored for 3.49!(Review coming)
NYC Extreme Glider lipgloss in Park Ave Pink
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Pop
Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lipstick in Pink Freeze
Covergirl Lip perfection in Dazzle

So as you can see all the lippies are pink... I KNOW!! The girl who is afraid of bright colors is jumping in (during fall time I might add) to bright hot pinks... What can I say I never follow trends. lol I'm going through a huge pink stage. I've realised that I go through stages when it comes to makeup. I became obsessed with nudes and bought everyone I could find that matched my skintone, after that came a "your lips but better" infatuation. Next a red lip obsession,Now it is a love affair with pink <3 I'm ridiculous I know lol


Swatches are in order of the first picture. The maybelline (3rd) as you can see is pretty sheer but it still gives a nice pink flush on the lips, Its going to quickly become a staple in my everyday makeup I feel. I have no complaints about the others! I especially love Revlon Pink pop over a lipstick or just by its own. I haven't tried out Covergirls' Dazzle so when I do, I'll do a review :)

And that would be Will Farrell Rocking my world as always when I have a bad day!! Gotta love Stepbrothers!! I always laugh so hard when he starts crying like this lol

And my handsome little man curled up with me drinking chai tea and watching Black&white movies... He could tell I was stressed, usually he'll lay with his Dad (yes I'm a weirdo that calls myself a "dog mom" lol. Jack is like my child) on the couch while I'm doing stuff in my makeup room or writing a review snuggled up in bed but this time he curled right up with me <3 Love my Jack attack!!
And forgive his nasty fur he was playing with all the people at a picnic today and haven't bothered to give him a bath lol.

Do any of you fellow makeup junkies have a pink lippie you would recomend??? lol
Until next time
xx -Lerin

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gloss Reviews Smashbox pt. 3 of 4

Hey Honeybees so I LOVE the smashbox lipglosses, they truely rival my Revlon and could even knock Revlon off it's number one spot... if only they weren't so dang expensive. For one gloss its $18 and I've Rebought Smashbox "Luster" because I use it & love it so much but I still think they're alittle too expensive for what it is if you know what I mean. But anyways on with it!

In Order:
Baby Pout
Luster <3

And of course the Swatches:

So I give the gloss a 5 out of 5 but was tempted to take of a point for price but Sometimes the splurge is worth it! I love the vanilla cupcake smell&taste, its creamy, goes great over lipstick, and LASTS forever!! Major ups in that department. I ate a full meal and drank cosmos and I could still feel the gloss on my lips. AMAZING! If you can afford to spend 18 dollars on a lippie definitely pick them up.

                                                           Until Next time honeybees
                                                                        XOXO -Lerin

Gloss Reviews Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss pt. 2 of 4

So part 2 of my lippie reviews this time is on Revlons' colorburst lipgloss. These are by far my favorite lipglosses ever! They come in a huge variety of colors, so that's awesome. Some are more pigmented than other but they definitely live up to their name colorburst. If you guys want to see them on my lips instead of swatches just let me know :)

So in order is:
Crystal Lilac 002
Pink Ice 004
Peony 008
Hot Pink 010
Orchid 012
Bordeaux 016
Papaya 020
Sunset Peach 022
Bronze Shimmer 030

                                                                 The Swatches:

Overall a complete 5 out of 5!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these glosses. They're creamy, great pigmentation,has no smell(but heard some have a slight vanilla scent), goes on fantastic, goes great over lipstick, and lasts a reasonable ammount of time. I'm about to go pick up the rest of the shades to complete my collection :) Definitely go pick some up! So far I've found that they're cheapest at walmart when not on sale other places.

                                             Have any of you honeybees tried these glosses??
                                                                            XOXO -Lerin