Friday, September 23, 2011

Nails of the week, a FOTD and a small ramble

Hey Honeybees so I've been going "bare" lately... most of it was I couldn't be bothered to go put on a full face of makeup and wash it off at night so you could say I was lazy.  I finally got in makeup mode again so this was my face of the day. It was a tad bit more dramatic since hubby&I went out to a nice dinner BECAUUUSSSE.... HE MADE HIS E-6 *Does happy dance* I'll break it down for ya'll since I don't think any of my lovely followers are in the army (Do any of ya'll have hubbys or family members in the service?) Anyways E-6 is a rank in the army, Staff Sergeant or SSG to be exact.So that means he has troops he's in charge of now instead of a squad (which is about 4-12 people) AND the biggest benefit is a 600 dollar pay increase every month. Which we needed, that way we could afford to have two cars and not be on such a tight budget.I talked more about that im my "Small drugstore haul" a few posts back. SO thank you to anyone who prayed, I love you guys. and A big HELLO and welcome to all my new followers and as always if theres any tutorials, product reviews,etc. you would like to see just let me know :)
Now thats out of the way On with the face of the day :)

What I used:

Foundation: Revlon Photoready in 001 Ivory, which I love but I need a shade bit darker, I've found in natural lighting it washes me out pretty bad since I'm more a natural beige so I mixed a big of covergirl Beige (Which I don't really love.. it tends to be cakey on me) to darken it up abit.

Eyeshadow: ELF Vol. 1 36 eyeshadow palette Natural (lid: 1st shadow on the bottom row and crease: Last shadow on second row)

Mascara: L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen in Black (HAAAATTTEE this mascara) I will do a review as to why

Cheeks: Wet N Wild Ultimate Minerals in Barely Peachy

Lips: Covergirl Lip perfection in Heavenly, blotted to a stain... jurys still out on this one, I thought it was a nice medium pink but as you can see its much, much darker than what I thought but I may grow to love it, we'll see lol.

and My Nails of the week:

Sinful Colors' Nirvana with Sinful Colors Social Ladder on top to make it abit of a greyish purple

L.A. Colors Colorcraze in Sea Siren with NYC Starry Night Glitter Polish on top

Orlys' Fancy Fucshia <3 Such a girly barbie pink
My current Nails Sinful Colors Social Ladder. I wanted something polished and toned down

And for your D.D.O.J. (Daily Dose of Jack lol)

Sleepy Baby! After a long day of playing while mom&dad watch Torchwood

Staring out the window :)  He likes watching the bunnies & Squirrels that play outside my window.

Happy Friday Honeybees!! Be safe
x x -Lerin


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