Monday, September 5, 2011

*Haul time* Body Central,Bath&Body Work etc.

Hey guys!! I have a Body Central (which you guys can visit at I've never heard of this shop till I moved to Tennessee) Bath&Body Works, and Target haul for you guys.I don't know about you guys but lately I haven't been finding anything I really love on the racks.It could be I live in a small town outside of nashville and we only have a small little mall with no forever 21,charlotte russe,H&M,macy's etc. A trip to Opry Mills Mall will be happening very soon so stay tuned for that haul. Anyways, enough rambling on to the haul!!! It's just a little haul so

So first up is Bath&Body Works... dear god that store is my kryptonite lol It draws me in everytime and I promise myself I'm not going to buy anything and end up walking out of the store with multiple things lol. Curse of the shopoholic. But I got their new product called "Shimmer&Shea" in their new scent Paris Amour Which I absolutely LOVE. It is a blend of French Tulips,apple blossom, and sparkling pink champagne. So basically it's DKNY Be delicious & Britney Spears' Fantasy love child lol. I defintely forsee it being a favorite and picking up the whole Paris Amour line. Then I picked up a body wash from their Signature coconut collection "Coconut Pineapple", a no brainer for this girl who loves anything coconut&tropical. Then I saw a trail size of their Signature Citrus "Peach Citrus" and just had to get it!

Next I headed on over to Body Central to pick up some jewelry (at 3.60 each how could you not!?!?) and a plain black wrap shirt, look for it in my next Ootd :) I finally jumped on the feather bandwagon as you can see. I hope they're still in for awhile so I can get some use : /

And next I trotted on over to Target to pick up my wishlist

So first up I was running low on my E.l.f. primer so I picked that up
-Picked up Covergirls' Clean Foundation in Natural Beige (I will be doing a whole foundations review in my next post)
-El.f. Blush in Fuschia Fusion: This was an accident lol I thought I picked up the mauve blush  but its pretty nontheless.
-Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sassy Mauve, a cool toned pink mauve
-N.Y.C. Retro Red, the perfect warm Red
-Rimmel Moisture Renew in Vintage Pink, Its REALLY purple for my taste with just alittle bit of pink.Which I thought would be the other way around but I found if I mixed it with a nude lippie its more wearable
-Rimmel Moisture Renew in Rose Blush, as the name suggests a rosy pink
-Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Hot Pink, A cool hot pink with silver glitter. GREAT pigmentation
-Rimmel Stay Glossy in Non stop glamour, a pale pinkish/gold gloss
-Rimmel Stay Glossy in My Eternity, a subtle mauve color with silver flecks
-Rimmel Stay Glossy in Eternal Flirt, a sheer hot pink with barely any sparkle

Stay tuned for my review on Rimmels' Stay Glossy... I havent been posting like I should I have SO many posts to catch up on :) So sorry in advance for posting so much lol

                                                        Have you Bought anything recently?
                                                                              -x Lerin


  1. I also love the smell of Paris amour

  2. I really like the e.l.f. line-Especially for the price! Love your blog*Following as we speak! I would love it if you checked out my new blog!