Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maybelline Great Lashes Lots of Lashes Review

Hey Honeybees! I hope you week has started off wonderful! So I thought I would share a mascara that I was really surprised to love and maybe even be among my top faves, check back with me on that in a few months :P. Anywho I was really surprised to like this one since I absolutely HATED the original Great Lash.. the brush is too bulky and combine that with a formula that is really wet and dosen't build, its really awful in my opinion. So basically this is the anti original. haha
Great forumla, builds so easily
Long lasting
Great Price

Can flake abit if you touch your eyelashes

Roll pictures:

Don't mind my unkept brows : / lol But I loove how lengthening it is!! <3

Jack Chillin' like a villian 


                                                  Have any of you lovlies tried lots of lashes?
                                                                   What did you think?
                                                                        XoXo Lerin

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Holy Grail Perfume, Thierry Mugler Womanity

Hey Honeybees! SO I have my holy grail perfume finally! I finally found it at my PX no less so it was tax free whoot whoot haha. I stalked the fragrance counter at my px for what seemed like forever, they always had angel but never womanity so when I saw it I snatched it up right away.

Onto the scent, if you could take all the love and warmth in the world, mix it with amazingness and heaven you've  got this perfume lol. All joking aside I truely think it will cater to certain people... you will either love it or hate it, don't really seeing there be an in between.
Its main accords are Woody and Fruity. Notes are Fig, cavier, fig tree, lemon, with a vanilla creaminess dry down... sounds weird, I know but I'm telling you, go have a sniff at your local macys. To me it just smells so warm and fresh... if that makes sense :) What Thierry Mugler has to say about this eau de parfum:

"At the heart of it is what one woman learns from another. Womanity is that bond: giving, complicit, a tacit affinity."

Like an art deco skyscraper towering over Gotham, the glass bottle features a brushed metal top chiseled with secret symbols and a mask of a woman, evoking a mysterious sense of woman's dominion. A gray pouch is included to protect the refillable bottle. 

                                     I absolutely love the bottle!! Plus it's refillablle, how cool is that!!

                     It comes with a little pouch with Thierry Mugler written in silver to store the perfume

       The little cap screws off so you can refill the bottle with the refill bottles you can order on the official site

                                                             <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

So let me know if any of you ladies love this parfume as much as I do! I most definitely recomend going to your fragrance counter and having a whiff! :) I hope you honeybees have a great rest of the week!!
                                                                          XoXo -Lerin

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My latest inspiration

Hey Honeybees! I hope this year is rocking so far for all of you :) So I usually pride myself on not being "jealous" of anyone for the most part but sometimes you can't help it lol. So I guess I'll call her inspiration... heck who am I kidding I'm jealous haha. Who is this woman who has made me uber jealous you may ask.... why it's none other than the gorgeous Julia Allison! I envy her, and her life so much. Not only is she stunningly gorgeous but is classy and actually doing something positive in her life. Plus she dated John McCains' son Jack who is pretty easy on the eyes.haha
Her FB fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/juliaallison
Blog: http://julia.nonsociety.com/
Official Site: http://juliaallison.com/

Roll pictures :

                                   I'm green With envy :@) What are your inspirations this year??
                                                                     XOXO -Lerin

My Vanity and Makeup Storage

Hey Honeybees!! My first Post in the new year YAY!! I was too lazy to do a post on my new years resolution but I will soon haha. Anyways, so a few of my followers have requested I do a post about how I store my makeup. I was abit leary of it since I have only my makeshift vanity but hey ho what my lovely followers ask, they'll get so enough rambling and onto the post :)

So My Vanity just consists of a Black table I got from Walmart for $20 and a little "seat" with a storage compartment underneath from a local girly shop in Nashville for about $35, a  big storage container from walmart ($25) and a small storage ($15) For my Brushes I got a huge glass vase filled it 3/4 with sand and the small eyeliner container is from deals for $1 :) 

1st Layer: Mascaras, eyelashes, and eyelash curlers
2nd Layer: Foundation, Blushes and Bronzers that is PACKED to the gills : /
3rd: Lipglosses also Packed to the gills lol

4th: Lipsticks, lipstains, lip pencils, balms... basically any non gloss lip product
5th: Eyeshadow Products, primers etc.
6th: My misc. drawer... Illuminators, tanners, makeup wipes and spill over products
For my decorative vase on my vanity I just got scented pinecones and decorative river rocks from deals.Candles are from target

  You can't see it but my huge collection of nail varnish is stored under my vanity... there's no where else to put it lol

One of my many Jewelry Armories is next to it lol :)

I have my Scarf my brother got me when My father and him went to China drapped over the mirror  :) <3

Finally I went makeup free today, true I felt pretty bare but it felt kinda good rockin it with no makeup :)

 Well Honeybees I hope you all have had a great start to 2012!!
                                     XOXO -Lerin