Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hard Candy Glossaholic Glosses

Ok so I LOVE these glosses!! I picked one up just for the heck of it, even though  im not a huge glitter gloss fan. BUT found that the specks of glitter  has more of a plumping action(at least for me) in that they made my lips look full&gorgeous! I would definitely go pick some of them up!
I have:
Coffee Cafe (because I LOVE my coffee lol)
Lush(coral with gold flecks)
Fairy(Pale pink with irredecent flecks)
Gorgeous(a dark barbie pink with irredecent flecks)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The other day I was browsing at my px (a small mall on post for army members&family that has great discounts) so  of course makeup junkie that I am, I soon found myself in the cosmetic section! They have everything from n.y.c. to shiseido,too faced, philosophy and of course smashbox! Only thing missing: MAC!  But anyways the makeup atrist on duty pulled out this lipgloss collection to show me and my first thought was yeah... if only I could justify spending 100+ on 6 lipglosses I would. So you can imagine my ears perked up when she said "well its only 25 dollars&benefits make a wish foundation"  Help the kids AND get some higher end lip glosses  for only 25... that thought process took about 0.2 seconds LOL. I love these glosses! very nice vanilla smell, and GREAT  staying power? Yes I think so :D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NOTD "Vintage Darling"

So I Love red nail polish! I have tons of different shades of red polish, red nails and vintage go together  like cookies and creme... another vintage thing :) I'm wearing Revlon nail polish in "Revlon Red" I LOVE it !!!! Definitely a must and my ring is from a vintage shop downtown nashville that I forgot the name of : /

About AWESOME GIVEAWAY go to link to enter!!!

So I never really enter beauty giveaways because I never win! lol But this time I was like oh why not :) Its a most GENEROUS giveaway on "Huda's Beauty Blog"  I first found her blog when she commented on mine and her posts are so interesting so Definitely go follow her and enter! Its one mac product of your choosing and 10 drugstore products of your choosing. Again SOOO generous!! Good luck :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I have.... a girl crush/style icon LOL

SO Last night I was watching Gossip Girl and I fell in love with Serenas style. What girl doesn't want to look gorgeous&flawless without even trying like she does??!?! I envy everything about her!! I love that she's not some size -000000 girl but a normal size. I went on google and found these images... I think her style speaks for herself!

Anyways she totally is my new style icon!! I will definitely be keeping her style in mind while I go shopping!!

Whose your style icon?
- X Lerin X

Monday, June 13, 2011

sallys haul...

Ok so this haul I spend any money I swear!! lol A family friend that is like an aunt to me came to see my husband and I on her vaycay so of course we ended up where all beauty junkies always seem to find themselves: The beauty store. We ran into sallys and I had coupons from being a sallys beauty club member (for only five dollars a year its sooooo worth it!) anyways I picked up some sallys brand makeup and some femme couture lipglosses:
So the baked eyeshadows up on top are ehhh for me. The First one is a sheer wash of gold. The middle sea blue green color is the most pigmented out of all of them, its actaully wearable (seeing as how I can't pull off bright colors, this is perfect for me). The purple one is very very sheer don't let it fool you. So all in all for 99 cents its not bad. The Square baked eyeshadows are MUCH better. The color charcoal is a great black with sparkles, great for a night out. The next one called auburn is a pretty mix between burnt orange and scarlett with tiny gold flecks. Super flattering for us redheads. :) Next up is a sallys blush in "388404"  Its a very matte rosy nude, has great staying power once its on,its on. Sallys' Highlighter in "388420 Soft Lights" is a fantastic highlighter for those of you girls with pale skin like me. Last but not least are the glosses.The first is sallys brand in "388460" Its a sheer peachy color with red and gold flecks, my only complaint about this is if you try to layer it it gets gloopy gel like= EWW lol. Then another sallys lipgloss in "388383" Its a very opaque dark rosy pink, I like the consistency, the color. Definitely a buy.The last two are by Femme Couture First one is "Light Pink" Just an all around good pink gloss with flecks of shimmer in it,Vanilla Scented and Creamy consistency. The next is in Peach, again Vanilla Scented and Creamy consistency.Nice Pinky Peach with little gold flecks.

Then my auntie insisted that she buy me something for my birthday

Friday, June 10, 2011

HUGE Haul- Tons of lipgloss

Ok SO I went on a crazy spending spree the past couple days since hubbys leave is coming to an end then its back to the real world: on a shopping ban lol. I just went to my local cvs&walgreens and anything that interested me I just threw in my cart. My Debit card looked wayyy nackered after lol. I have more than whats in the picture but just cant't find it. As you can see there is TONS and TONS of lipgloss. I am going through a lipgloss over the top of my lipstick phase.

Ok so from top left to right:
Covergirl: Romance (A beautiful Pink Nude color, one of my favorite lipstick colors)
Covergirl: Rapture (Gorgeous Coral Color with a little hint of shine)
Rimmel lasting finish: Crush (A coral nude color)
Rimmel lasting finish: Pink Blush (A pretty light girly pink)
Sally girl Hydrating lip gloss in clear (I got it at Sallys Beauty, I like it because it has a minty tingly feeling)
Wet n Wild color icon palete in Comfort Zone (LOVE the colors, I wear neutrals the most so this palette will be used quite abit)
Wet n Wild icon pallette in Petal Pusher ( I SOMETIMES can pull off lavender and shades of purple. But it was such a pretty palette to just pass up :P )
L.A. Colors moisturizing lipgloss in Just Kissed (Alittle frosty, but smooth worth the one dollar)
L.A. Colors Glitter Gloss in Clear (This gloss is PACKED with glitter but you can't feel the glitter so definitely worth the one dollar)
Maybelline Color sensational lipstian in In the Buff (If you like a barely there lipstain this is GREAT. Just a HINT of color)
Hard Candy Mouthing off sheer lip shine in Gossip (Such a gorgeous Pink with a hint of gold mixed in. Vanilla flavored)
E.l.f. Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush (Super smooth and creamy, a great pinky mauve color)
NYC Kiss Gloss in Tribeca Tangerine (A sheer wash of color, Tastes SO GOOD, can go over lipstick or just worn alone. A must buy)
Jordana Squeeze n shine in Peach Sand ( A gorgeous nude with micro glitter, super pretty on)
Jordana Squeeze n Shine in Be Coralful (A sheer coral with crazy colorfull glitter, probably wouldn't purchase again)
Wet n Wild Wetslicks in Sunglaze (Tad on the frosty side but a pretty nude color)
Wet n Wild Wetslicks in Red Radiance (A ruby red with red glitter, can look garish on fair skin wouldn't repurchase)
Wet n Wild Wetslicks in Clear (Tad sticky but I don't mind sticky. So a good cheap glear gloss)
Jordana Lip Shine Shimmer Glaze in Pina Colada (Smells great,can't feel the glitter. Again a great clear gloss)
Hard Candy Glossaholic lip gloss in Fairy (Packed with TONS of glitter but creamy&can't feel it. Smells like Vanilla)
Hard Candy Rise & Shine in Coffee Cafe (Smells like coffee <3 Again Packed with glitter. Suposedly contains a mood alterin elixer. Haven't tried it out, will get back to you) 
Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Sunset Peach (Great light peach color, Vanilla scented, creamy consistency. I LOVE Revlon glosses)
Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in Pink Ice (Again Vanilla Scented, creamy consistency and nice girly pink color)
Revlon lip gloss in Coral Reef (Vanilla flavored, great coral color, and is buildable)
Revlon lip gloss in Peach Petal (Light peach nude, Vanilla scented, creamy consistency)
Revlon ColorStay Mineral lipglaze in Timeless Nude (Great Staying power, pretty nude color,opaque no glitter)
Hard Candy Plumping Serum in Dunes (REALLY sheer for what it looks like in the tube, basically blueish,purple glitter with clear gloss, does have a slight tingly feeling.Vanilla Scented)
Hard Candy Plumping Serum in Girl Next Door (Again does have a slight tingly feeling but the color is a light pink but is buildable, would be pretty over a nude lipstick. Vanilla Scented)
Hard Candy Plumping Serum in All American Girl (Tingly feeling, alittle more darker and opaque than Girl next door, still pretty and vanilla scented)

Have any of you tried these lipglosses/lipstick/eyeshadow pallettes???
What were your impressions?
-X Lerin

Friday, June 3, 2011

My first Milani Cosmetic

Ok so I have heard alot of beauty gurus rave about this Makeup line and with the product I bought in particular to try out. It was the "Milani Eyeshadow Runway Eyes in Bronze Doll"
So the review overall I'm kind of let down to be honest. When I picked it up, I thought it was glitter all the way through the shadow only to get home to find it was only on the surface. Huge let down for shelling out $8 for one eyeshadow that probably now I wont wear But oh well...
                                                 Have any of you guys found a great Milani Product?
                                                                                 -Lerin XX

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Lipstick Collection

Hey Dolls!! So I decided I was going to do a "Lipstick Collection" since I've been into it so much lately. Before I never really had much interest in lipstick, I would do the occasional red lip (<3) But not much else with lipstick. That is until I saw averunks channel ( I love her style so much and showed me that pale girls can actually do lipstick! Isn't it funny that someone you've never met can influence you to go out and spend money lol?? Anyways so all of it is drugstore but I have compiled my mac list so stay tuned for that!
From top left to right:
*Wet n wild "903C" A light pinky nude that's matte
*Rimmel "Pink Chic" A Pale Pink
*Rimmel "Nostalgia" A pink with a touch of light coral
*L.A. Colors Lip Palette "Kissable" Overall very good for only 1.50!! You get 6 different colors,very pigmented& smells like a cupcake
*Revlon "Primrose" A very pinky mauve
*Revlon "Just enough buff" A dark nude color
*Revlon "Coralberry" A reddish coral
*NYC "Mahogany" Mahogany Brown
*Rimmel "Kiss" A hot Icy Pink
*Wet n Wild "907C" A matte Mauve
*Wet n Wild "C910D" A matte red with orange undertones
*Wet n Wild "528A" A light icy Pink
*Maybelline " Born with it" The closest thing to my natural lip with a bit of sparkles
*Maybelline "Make me pink" A light light barbie pink with just a light touch of mauve
*Wet n Wild "502A" A dusty rose
*Revlon "Wine not" A matte berry wine color
*Wet n wild "525D" A hot pink with a hit of purple
*Covergirl "Divine" A purple Pink
*Covergirl "Heavenly" Very light dusty pink
*Covergirl "Verve" A pearlescent pale pink
*Covergirl "Delish" A pinky nude
*Covergirl "Fairytale" A reddish pink with a hint of coral
*Revlon "Wink for pink" A warm pink
*Rimmel "Airy Fairy" A pink Nude
*Rimmel "Rose Shimmer" A light pink with shimmer
*Rimmel "Coral Shimmer" A coral with gold flecks

So if you guys want to see any swatches in a particular shade just let me know :)

My lip pencils and stains
*Hard Candy Visibly Wet Pencil in "Candy Apple" The perfect red with flecks of red&pink glitter. Super flattering
*Wet n Wild Megaslicks lip pencil in "Mixed Berry" Its a frosty pink and I hate frost lipsticks!  so not a good one for me
*Revlon Just Bitten "Gothic" A dark red lipstain but can be a light red if you do a barely there stain.Plus the balm is awesome
*Revlon "Twilight" A dark berry/wine color but again can be work light. The color really works with my eyes 

What are your favorite lipsticks? 
XX -Lerin