Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unbreakable Bond by Khloe&Lamar perfume Review

So I popped into my local drugstore last night just to have a look around since I was bored and low and behold I came across Khloe&Lamars new fragrance: Unbreakable Bond. Now I dont know if you remember but earlier this year there was alot of promotion and fuss about it.Everyone was raving about it but I just never shelled out the money.So you can imagine my delight when I saw that it was on sale for only 20!Nearly half its asking price and there was only one left so I snatched it as fast as I could and it wasnt till I took it out of the box till I remember it was a unisex perfume/cologne : / I'm never a fan of unisex fragrances, I honestly dont see the point. But anyways I'm a huge fan of Khloe&Lamar... I love that they promote marriage, love, and exceptance. I love her attitude about life and her fun personality and I'll admit was a factor in my split second decision to snatch it up. SO  about it:

"There's something sexy about a couple sharing a scent. Soft yet powerful, strong but sensual. That perfect mix of masculine and feminine... one cannot exist without the other... the BOND between two souls is truly... UNBREAKABLE."

Ok so being married I can relate to the mushy quote on the back and it has me feeling all warm&fuzzy towards the scent... That was until I sprayed it... DON'T  get me wrong, it truely does smell wonderful.. That is if you are a man lol. Its definitely (at least for me) more of a cologne which is abit of a dissapointment, but at the same time its a unisex fragrance so I can't really expect it to smell all feminine... lol
Throughout the day I would catch a wiff of the womanly side of it and was in love but, other times would catch a wiff of a manly cologne smell.

SO final thoughts:
How cute is the box!!??!? Khloe&Lamar are seriously so cute together and you can just see the love.
It Stays along time, the womanly side of it smells like heaven, but just for the fact that I can catch the manly cologne smell i'm not sure if I'd repurchase just yet. I'll keep you updated 

HOWEVER one thing Khloe&Lamar didnt skip on is luxe :) Even a K&L on the top of the cap... adorable! <3

Maybe Khloe will come out with a solo fragrance of which I will definitely buy :)

Have you tried Unbreakable??
XoXo -Lerin

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Accesories and makeup haul

So I got my first paycheck and I KNOW I should save the money after I paid my bills but it was my first paycheck so I had to pick up some stuff I had been eyeing for a while (at least thats what im telling myself haha) First up is Accessories:

I went to Rainbow since I was bored and ended up walking out with waaaaaaayyy more than I entended to buy :P Ooops lol. But as you can see Im really into gold and jewelry that looks "antiquey" & expensive haha

and at the time I was taking pictures I was wearing these also from rainbow :)

Then I went to walgreens and Catos and got more earrings... you would think that I didnt have any earrings haha what can I say I'm addicted lol

and a trip to target  and Big lots as you can see I'm really into Lipstick pencils, is it weird that I love the wood lip pencil smell hahaha I think its out of nostalga of playing with ur moms makeup :) I finally got the elf lipstick in classy that I've been wanting but was always out of stock and L'Oreal Lipgloss in Rich Pink <3 Super pretty creamy pinky mauve. Im not sure how to wear the orange/ginger lippie 4th bottom left. Anyone have any tips??? :)

and I've also been into lip palettes so I picked this one up to Play around with, I can do a review later if ya'll want.

I'm really curious about the dark brown lipgloss, I'm guessing its there along with the white to mix with the other colors.

My naul shade is Orly Bus Stop Crimson, Perfect fall red

Then went to TJ Maxx and got theses fall tops, the first one is woven with cashmere and cost me a pretty penny but its oh soooo soft <3 I'm really digging the fall colors on me :)

Then while I was at Rainbow getting accessories I just had to pick a cute cardi and shirt up.

DDOJ: hes been enjoying me being home early today and snuggled while im blogging :) Its the little things

Hope you have a great rest of the week dolls !
XoXo -Lerin

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Post we're i've been, ootd, notw... etc.

Hey Honeybees, sorry for being away for awhile work has been crazy!! I get home and I don't want to do anything but take a shower, grab food, and watch Desperate Housewives then fall asleep lol. I thought i'd share a random blog post first starting with me in my uniform hahaha I feel like a dude in it :P

Sexy Huh ;) LOL

Current Nail Shade: Sinful Colors' Flirting Nails, and Golden Warm Taupe. LOVE this!! Great pigmentation and no chips

My Makeup Storage, I've did a video showing you my makeup storage... do you guys really want to see it? If so then I will post it :)

Hubby got promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSG) on October 4th... even though it says the 3rd lol

SO proud!!

I am OBSESSED with Rose from Titanic right now... ahhh I want her hair and gorgeous complexion!! Anyone have any tips for lightening dark cinnamon hair?? Without going to the salon preferably lol

She should so go back to her red hair shes gorgeous like this!!

I loved this lavender dress!!

and for you D.D.O.J. that would be him laying on my work pants LOL it was like he didnt want me to leave so he sat on them and I had to physically move him... he's not adjusting well to mom&dad working all the time. :( I feel like a horrible dog mum

Hope you all have a good rest of the week, its back to work tomorrow for this girl... and my hubby leaves this Tuesday for two months... JOY not lol
Until Next time XOXO -Lerin