Saturday, February 25, 2012

Perry Ellis Love perfume Review

So I don't know about you but when I hear Perry Ellis' name, my mind automatically goes to what the men in my life wear and not a womens fragrance. So, I was surprised that I yanked it up and toted it off to the register along with my 7 for all mankind jeans, and cynthia rowley blazer. I NEVER do blind buys when it comes to perfume because I'm picky when it comes to fragrances. I personally see it as a waste of my time if I hate it and have to wait in long customer service lines to take it back. BUT anyways on to the perfume itself, I took one whiff in the parking lot and LOVED it. I always fall in love with unique perfumes and hate run of the mill sickly sweet & fruity.  I wore this to another store and had a slew of compliments... even had a guy come up to me and was like "God, you smell good" haha

The bottle is definitely gorgeous with a touch of simple, girly luxe.

The notes are:
Top Notes: Citruses, White Pepper
Heart: Rose, Water Lily, Frangipani (plumeria)
Base Notes: Madagascar Vanilla (?), Sugared Musk, Plum, Patchouli, and sensual sandalwood

Almost every review I have read says it's a straight up dupe for Chanel Chance & Mademoiselle. I definitely agree in only that Love is more gentle than Chanel C & M are which I like. I would say the opening is Chance and the drydown is Mademoiselle so you get the best of both worlds :)

What Perry Ellis has to say: Created as 'feminine fusion of freshness and flowers in a sweet sensual embrace'. 

So I honestly love this perfume! I just know its already among my top 5, and if you're like me obsessed with fragrances thats a spot not easily earned. I highly suggest you try it out :) 

Hope you lovely ladies have a wonderful weekend and be safe! 
                                                                      XoXo Lerin

Friday, February 24, 2012

Small haul :)

Hey Lovelies, so I was determined to find the new Wet n Wild Lipstick shades. Sadly I only found one but I did pick up a few other things :)

I have a bunch of the new Wet n Wild megalast nail varnish and was pretty impressed so I thought I would add to my collection : Bite the Bullet, Haze of Love, 2% Milk. I also repurchased my HG drugstore foundation: Revlon Photoready Makeup in Ivory and Wet n Wild Lipstick in Cherry Picking

Haze of Love on my nails, I LOVE it :)

I hope you honeybees had a awesome week! Talk to ya'll soon
XoXo Lerin

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Birthday- My week in Photos

So the 17th was my 20th Birthday and it couldn't have been more amazing! As I head into my 20th year I've taken some time to reflect on my life (so deep I know haha) This past year, i've REALLY grown into my own skin and have become more confident. As most of you lovely lot don't know, I'm adopted... never met/seen my biological mom or dad.But this past year, I've come to terms and accepted the fact that I will never meet them. I was looking in the mirror the other day and it dawned on me... I am my own person! I am my own and I look like (wait for it) ME. Oddly I really dig that. Any of you adopted ladies or men (which by the way WELCOME, so awesome to have men reading my blog) know what I mean? ANYWAYS looong, random rambling beginning lol Point is,is that I had a lovely birthday and thought I would share my Birthday week/end pictures with you as I celebrated all week :) <3

 Top left to right: 1: Hubby got me a Steam Vac! <3 2: Had some guys over from my Husbands unit to play rockband 3: Braved to cold to BBQ me Kabobs 4: Olive Garden yum! 5: Midweek B-day haul, btw I am LOVING the Rimmel Stay matte powder (review stay tuned) 6: China Glazes' Swing Baby and Rue 21 Bow ring <3 <3 7: Birthday cookies & card from a co worker 8: Dessert to go with the 9: Steak & mashed potatoes Hubby cooked me

1: On my nails Essie Secret story, Jack wasn't thrilled to be taking pics lol 2: More russian Learning 3:  MORE dessert at Cracker Barrell! I don't think I've eaten this much dessert in a long while : / 4: Aww sleepy Jack 5: Ok obviously I have a weird obsession with showing you my dog lol but yes he likes to sleep under the covers like a human... pillow included. 6: Instagram! lol 7: Another small haul that I will be reviewing soon 8: Got fairy dust at TJ Maxx for 14 dollars... no I'm not a huge Paris fan, HOWEVER this does smell pretty, review coming as well 9: Birthday package from my Momma in law 10: New vanity Mirror Hubby got as one of my prezzies 11: Was tempted to pop into my hairdresser to dye my locks this blonde shade but I was too chicken, what do you guys think Blonde or my dark brown? 12: Random Photo while getting ready for my party

1: My Birthday nails Essies' Plumberry <3 2: Aww :D Love my Jack 3: Photos taken from birthday party (the other girl in them hated how she looked & demanded to be cut out haha) 4: Another pic from my party 5: Failed at trying to photograph my outfit to do birthday shopping hmmph 6: Death by chocolate! lol a Irish Bailey Liquor Cake yumm 7: The lady at the restaurant was so nice to give me free pie, shout out to Linda! 8: Another failed pic lol But hey 9: Earlier from the day bored and taking pics lol

1: Guiness! The new Black Lager, It isn't as thick as normal guiness. 2: Black and tan onion rings Yum! 3: Kerry Pork Chops with green beans and mash SO gooood! 4: My heart started racing as soon as I saw the Louis Vouitton sign, went to pick up the purse I had been wanting forever 5: A trip to sephora, it looks like a creeper photo but I didn't want people staring at me while I took photos lol 6: The chanel coffee table at the Chanel store 7: Small MAC lipstick haul : Angel & Girl About Town 8: Again MAC haul *mwah* 9: I did a little scream on the inside when I looked down entering the Chanel store and saw this. lol

 So that's it, I thought I would put it in a collage like this instead of individual pics :) Stay tuned because I will be doing reviews & showing you the clothing haul soon :)
                                                                 Have a great week honeybees :)
                                                                              XoXo -Lerin

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday girl wishlist

So I mentioned my birthday being this friday the 17th and some of you lovely readers have asked what was on my wishlist. I can honestly say that I really have nothing too much that I need... makes sense since Christmas was not too long ago and got everything I wanted really bad. Which kind of sucks because I know summer will roll around and there will be loads of things I want haha. BUT since some of you guys asked, I racked my brain and came up with this list :)

Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Perfume:
I have SJP Lovely and I am in love. So of course want to try covet :)

Donna Karans' Pure Perfume:
If you can't tell I have a thing for perfume... and shoes haha

Red Dress from River Island:
I am loving the longer hem in the back trend!

Name Necklace:
In true Carrie Bradshaw style :P

3 Forever 21 dresses:
I'm obsessed with lace <3

I think this citron one is so something Carrie on SATC would wear. I've been watching a marathon and am so envious of her flawless style!!

Coral just screams summer <3

AND a trip to Russia! :
I've been working so hard learning the language have been saving up for a trip this summer hopefully <3

                    Stay tuned for a MASSIVE haul lol I just have to get everything photographed!
                                                         Have a lovely rest of the day!!
XoXo -Lerin