Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday girl wishlist

So I mentioned my birthday being this friday the 17th and some of you lovely readers have asked what was on my wishlist. I can honestly say that I really have nothing too much that I need... makes sense since Christmas was not too long ago and got everything I wanted really bad. Which kind of sucks because I know summer will roll around and there will be loads of things I want haha. BUT since some of you guys asked, I racked my brain and came up with this list :)

Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Perfume:
I have SJP Lovely and I am in love. So of course want to try covet :)

Donna Karans' Pure Perfume:
If you can't tell I have a thing for perfume... and shoes haha

Red Dress from River Island:
I am loving the longer hem in the back trend!

Name Necklace:
In true Carrie Bradshaw style :P

3 Forever 21 dresses:
I'm obsessed with lace <3

I think this citron one is so something Carrie on SATC would wear. I've been watching a marathon and am so envious of her flawless style!!

Coral just screams summer <3

AND a trip to Russia! :
I've been working so hard learning the language have been saving up for a trip this summer hopefully <3

                    Stay tuned for a MASSIVE haul lol I just have to get everything photographed!
                                                         Have a lovely rest of the day!!
XoXo -Lerin


  1. I love the SJP perfumes, I have SJP NCY and it smells like heaven! Have a good birthday xx

    Charlotte Couture Blog

  2. I really want to try NYC as well! and thank you :) I will definitely try lol xx

  3. wow, good luck with your russian learning, it is a hard language to learn!! I'm a native speaker, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate :))

  4. I love the lacy forever 21 dress, and Russia sounds like an amazing place to visit, I'd love to go there someday :) I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award, have a look at my blog for more details :) x

  5. I really like SJP lovely too. It tends to turn quite masculine on me which I like. Covet is very unique. I have yet to sniff anything similar ti covet. Green yet a tad chocolaty if that makes sense :) Nice to meet another perfume lover. You have a wonderful blog.