Saturday, February 25, 2012

Perry Ellis Love perfume Review

So I don't know about you but when I hear Perry Ellis' name, my mind automatically goes to what the men in my life wear and not a womens fragrance. So, I was surprised that I yanked it up and toted it off to the register along with my 7 for all mankind jeans, and cynthia rowley blazer. I NEVER do blind buys when it comes to perfume because I'm picky when it comes to fragrances. I personally see it as a waste of my time if I hate it and have to wait in long customer service lines to take it back. BUT anyways on to the perfume itself, I took one whiff in the parking lot and LOVED it. I always fall in love with unique perfumes and hate run of the mill sickly sweet & fruity.  I wore this to another store and had a slew of compliments... even had a guy come up to me and was like "God, you smell good" haha

The bottle is definitely gorgeous with a touch of simple, girly luxe.

The notes are:
Top Notes: Citruses, White Pepper
Heart: Rose, Water Lily, Frangipani (plumeria)
Base Notes: Madagascar Vanilla (?), Sugared Musk, Plum, Patchouli, and sensual sandalwood

Almost every review I have read says it's a straight up dupe for Chanel Chance & Mademoiselle. I definitely agree in only that Love is more gentle than Chanel C & M are which I like. I would say the opening is Chance and the drydown is Mademoiselle so you get the best of both worlds :)

What Perry Ellis has to say: Created as 'feminine fusion of freshness and flowers in a sweet sensual embrace'. 

So I honestly love this perfume! I just know its already among my top 5, and if you're like me obsessed with fragrances thats a spot not easily earned. I highly suggest you try it out :) 

Hope you lovely ladies have a wonderful weekend and be safe! 
                                                                      XoXo Lerin

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