Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random Post we're i've been, ootd, notw... etc.

Hey Honeybees, sorry for being away for awhile work has been crazy!! I get home and I don't want to do anything but take a shower, grab food, and watch Desperate Housewives then fall asleep lol. I thought i'd share a random blog post first starting with me in my uniform hahaha I feel like a dude in it :P

Sexy Huh ;) LOL

Current Nail Shade: Sinful Colors' Flirting Nails, and Golden Warm Taupe. LOVE this!! Great pigmentation and no chips

My Makeup Storage, I've did a video showing you my makeup storage... do you guys really want to see it? If so then I will post it :)

Hubby got promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSG) on October 4th... even though it says the 3rd lol

SO proud!!

I am OBSESSED with Rose from Titanic right now... ahhh I want her hair and gorgeous complexion!! Anyone have any tips for lightening dark cinnamon hair?? Without going to the salon preferably lol

She should so go back to her red hair shes gorgeous like this!!

I loved this lavender dress!!

and for you D.D.O.J. that would be him laying on my work pants LOL it was like he didnt want me to leave so he sat on them and I had to physically move him... he's not adjusting well to mom&dad working all the time. :( I feel like a horrible dog mum

Hope you all have a good rest of the week, its back to work tomorrow for this girl... and my hubby leaves this Tuesday for two months... JOY not lol
Until Next time XOXO -Lerin


  1. Aww I couldn't imagine being away from my hubby that long, at least you have your puppy to keep you company!

  2. I agree that Kate Winslet is just stunning, especially with the red hair. I love the relaxed waves in the second picture, how can I get that! Aw, I think my pup and your pup could start a support group for dogs who's owners work a lot ;). Very cute picture!


  3. I LOVE Desperate Housewives :P - The two words jumped out at me when you'd written them above ^^^^.

    I agree with Kate Winslet as Rose, she looks incredible with the red hair! I'm jealous! Aha.

    Your dog is also so adorable :)