Monday, June 13, 2011

sallys haul...

Ok so this haul I spend any money I swear!! lol A family friend that is like an aunt to me came to see my husband and I on her vaycay so of course we ended up where all beauty junkies always seem to find themselves: The beauty store. We ran into sallys and I had coupons from being a sallys beauty club member (for only five dollars a year its sooooo worth it!) anyways I picked up some sallys brand makeup and some femme couture lipglosses:
So the baked eyeshadows up on top are ehhh for me. The First one is a sheer wash of gold. The middle sea blue green color is the most pigmented out of all of them, its actaully wearable (seeing as how I can't pull off bright colors, this is perfect for me). The purple one is very very sheer don't let it fool you. So all in all for 99 cents its not bad. The Square baked eyeshadows are MUCH better. The color charcoal is a great black with sparkles, great for a night out. The next one called auburn is a pretty mix between burnt orange and scarlett with tiny gold flecks. Super flattering for us redheads. :) Next up is a sallys blush in "388404"  Its a very matte rosy nude, has great staying power once its on,its on. Sallys' Highlighter in "388420 Soft Lights" is a fantastic highlighter for those of you girls with pale skin like me. Last but not least are the glosses.The first is sallys brand in "388460" Its a sheer peachy color with red and gold flecks, my only complaint about this is if you try to layer it it gets gloopy gel like= EWW lol. Then another sallys lipgloss in "388383" Its a very opaque dark rosy pink, I like the consistency, the color. Definitely a buy.The last two are by Femme Couture First one is "Light Pink" Just an all around good pink gloss with flecks of shimmer in it,Vanilla Scented and Creamy consistency. The next is in Peach, again Vanilla Scented and Creamy consistency.Nice Pinky Peach with little gold flecks.

Then my auntie insisted that she buy me something for my birthday

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