Thursday, June 16, 2011


The other day I was browsing at my px (a small mall on post for army members&family that has great discounts) so  of course makeup junkie that I am, I soon found myself in the cosmetic section! They have everything from n.y.c. to shiseido,too faced, philosophy and of course smashbox! Only thing missing: MAC!  But anyways the makeup atrist on duty pulled out this lipgloss collection to show me and my first thought was yeah... if only I could justify spending 100+ on 6 lipglosses I would. So you can imagine my ears perked up when she said "well its only 25 dollars&benefits make a wish foundation"  Help the kids AND get some higher end lip glosses  for only 25... that thought process took about 0.2 seconds LOL. I love these glosses! very nice vanilla smell, and GREAT  staying power? Yes I think so :D


  1. Love these, what a bargain and helping a charity! You should do some swatches of the colours, it'd be great to see what they look like on :)


  2. Will do! :) I think i'm even going to go back and get another one for a giveaway for all six of you followers :) Hopefully they will still be there when I go back X -Lerin

  3. what awesome colors! and it is so cool that they go to a good cause-great purchase! i love smashbox-i might have to try these! :)
    are they all super glittery? you should show some swatches! :)