Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My latest inspiration

Hey Honeybees! I hope this year is rocking so far for all of you :) So I usually pride myself on not being "jealous" of anyone for the most part but sometimes you can't help it lol. So I guess I'll call her inspiration... heck who am I kidding I'm jealous haha. Who is this woman who has made me uber jealous you may ask.... why it's none other than the gorgeous Julia Allison! I envy her, and her life so much. Not only is she stunningly gorgeous but is classy and actually doing something positive in her life. Plus she dated John McCains' son Jack who is pretty easy on the eyes.haha
Her FB fanpage:
Official Site:

Roll pictures :

                                   I'm green With envy :@) What are your inspirations this year??
                                                                     XOXO -Lerin


  1. OK, now I'm really jealous now!! haha :)

  2. Yes, seeing it as an inspiration would be a more constructive way for self-improvement. I know many of us envy and can be jealous of the rich and famous but at the end of the day, they are still humans like us, and they probably deal with more issues than you would ever imagine.