Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gloss Review Rimmels' Stay Glossy pt. 1 of 4 Reviews

Ok SO i'm a pretty big gloss fan, in my opinion its easier than lipstick for the most part so naturally I collect lipgloss lol I'm doing reviews on the top glosses i've collected and tried out. It includes Rimmel, Smashbox,Revlon, and Hard Candy so lets start with the Rimmel Stay Glossy Review.

I got six of the Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss and have tried them all out extensively.

The colors left to right:
Endless Night 720
  Unlimited Gold 050
Here to Stay 230
Non Stop Glamour 120
Eternal Flirt
My Eternity 260

So all the glosses look pretty opaque but they're actually pretty sheer with the exception of a few of them. My favorites would have to be Here to Stay & Non stop glamour.
Here to stay is pretty opaque and a perfect nude lip, Non Stop Glamour is a gorgeous baby pink with gold shimmer. Perfect for a simple lip :)
Here are the Swatches:

With Flash On

Without Flash

So overall rating of these glosses would be 4/5. I'm taking of half a point each for two things one: some people might be dissapointed that alot of them are pretty sheer and two: The smell. I hate the nasty sunscreen smell but some people actually like that. So yeah I love them. They're creamy, last about 3-4 even with eating and drinking so that's a plus, obviously they don't last 6 hours like they claim but pretty close. At 3.68 at walmart I say go pick a few up :)

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