Monday, September 19, 2011

My Nails of the week, Yes plural lol

So I got asked why I do not post a nail of the week hardly anymore and that is because I basically either change it every day or do a french tip and keep it for 3 weeks so I decided once a week i'd show you all the colors that's been on my nails :) Enjoy

This is a mix that I made up from Pure Ice "Superstar" a pure pigmented white and N.Y.C. Orange Blossom. I can't get Barry M's Peach Melba where I live and have seen it everywhere so I decided I'd try to make my own. Sadly it didn't work. I think I may just order online :)

And... again FAIL FAIL FAAAIIIIILLLLL LOL I saw on my favorite beauty blogger Miss budget beauty do a polka dotted nail (hers was MUCH better) and so I painted the base CV Chocolate Plum and used China Glaze "For Audry" for the dots.  and since I absolutely SUCK at doing polka dots I just painted over it all Using....
China Glazes' For Audry of course :P I LOVE this shade and have gotten so many compliments for it. Plus Miss Audry Hepburn is the shiz lol She's was always gorgeous and perfectly stylish!!

So I used Pure Ice Superstar and sprinkled Hard Candy Show Girl Glitter over it. I couldn't get a good picture of it but it was like BAM!! blingy. It reminded me of snow, twinkling lights, and sparkly tinsel on a christmas tree. Perfect  mani for holiday parties!  Your hands would look great for pics when opening prezzies :)

My current nail shade is Sinful Colors in Nirvana. I LOVE it and its a great fall shade!
This is two coats by itself

And alot of my lovely  followers have been loving seeing my puppy in posts so I'd thought I'd feature him when I can get pics of him :)

REALLY mom???!??!!! Its 6 am, this is waaaayy too early for us to be up lol

And this is what greeted me when I walked out of my door with Jack to take him potty. Ewww YUCK!!!

                                                         Happy Monday Honeybees!!!
                                                                        x x -Lerin

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