Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What are you Saving for? My latest Obsessions

So, since my hubby only works (GO ARMY lol) and me job hunting like a beast that leaves us having to budget in big purchases like the lot of you. I'd thought I'd share with you my latest Obsessions that I am saving for.

                                                         1.Thierry Muglers' Womanity
OH. MY. GOD. This perfume is unbelievable!! Seriously its so unique and different and so strong&feminine. But at 90 dollars a bottle its a small splurge. The notes are fig,caviar (?) and a hit of citrus.  It is rich, warm, sweet, earthy, complex, feminine, and unique.
Womanity continues Thierry Mugler's tradition of creating fragrances a step ahead of their time. Noted for bringing together sweet and savory accords, the fragrance opens with energetic citrusy accords and dries down to a daring yet wearable cloud of complexity that smells of fruit, woods, granite, and salt.
"At the heart of it is what one woman learns from another. Womanity is that bond: giving, complicit, a tacit affinity." —Thierry Mugler
Like an art deco skyscraper towering over Gotham, the glass bottle features a brushed metal top chiseled with secret symbols and a mask of a woman, evoking a mysterious sense of woman's dominion. A gray pouch is included to protect the refillable bottle.
So it dosen't smell as gross as it sounds it can be worn light as a day fragrance or put alittle more on for nightime. It is my all time favorite fragrance, and that's saying alot from this self proclaimed perfume lover!

                                                                    2: Naked Palette
Not much to explain here lol Finally taking the plunge and buying the naked palette because my eye makeup consists of neutrals 99% of the time so I thought its high time to get it!

                                                                     3: MICHAEL Michael Kors Grayson Large Satchel Handbag

 Everytime I see this bag I think how much more my life would be complete with this bag ;) That pitch didn't work on hubby so I'm resigned to saving for it. However I don't know if I'm going to actually be able to hand over $348.00 for it... Ok so i'm cheap sue me lol

                                                           4: Blake Livelys' Red locks

Ok so I'm technically not "saving" for it but it is a an obsession of late.If any of you know a drugstore dye that is her shade do let me know down in the comments As you guys may know she is my style icon and I have a serious girl crush on her lol. She's always gorgeous, always stylish, and radiates a cetain happiness&confidence that I envy <3 She's already back to blonde I think as she was blonde at the BAFTA function but how could I not post these wonderful photos!

5: Nissan Murano
So obviously this last one isn't beauty related but thought I'd include it. Right now I drive a Toyota Prius which I love and it gets the job done but its quickly racking up miles and soon I'm going to have to trade it in and so I'm saving for a Nissan Murano. I think it's the perfect girly suv, I promised myself I'd get an suv next time so yeah :)

FANTASTIC advice, <3 it!!!

What are you honeybees saving for :)
xoxo -Lerin

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