Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My weekend

Hey honeybees, so Here's my fun filled weekend. We had a bbq, went down to the river,Went out for a fun night of dinner&drinks, and of course did alittle shopping most of it was for Jake (hubby) Bnoc in october. Hope you had a fun and safe weekend and Got through your Monday.
Blurry OOTE (evening) For the Platoon BBQ. We said goodbye to soldiers that were transfering to different Forts, Remember those we lost during hubbys last deployment, had yummy chicken, hot dogs, and CHEESEBURGERS mmm yumm oh and yummy turtle cheescake!

                                             Creeper pic of my hubby talking to his guys

Hubby throwing trying to dunk the platoon sargeant in the dunk tank

Everyone rolling in laughter as Private Wi out of frustration goes up and hits the dunk button lol

That would be hubbys Platoon Sargeant cigarette dangling out of his mouth waiting to be dunked... what can I say Cav Scouts are the cowboys of the Army lol

The Cumberland River Center!! Perfect Day out!! <3

Me heading down to the River trying out my first ever feather earrings whoo-hoo


Having a yummy m&m ice cream sandwhich!!! mmmm

And for your daily dose of Jack, I came into the living room to find this,that would be him with his head stuck in a potato chip bag lmao

Just chilling with me reading beauty blogs and youtube vids

Debuting my bright but muted pink lip on a night out headed to meet my girls :) Good look on me or no?

Early to go grab coffee for hubby&I on a very lazy sunday! <3

What did you honeybees do??
x x -Lerin

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