Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Fall list

So I know its not  fall yet, but I am pining away in this tennessee heat for beautiful fall!! Fall has brought the most fond memories growing up as well as in my married life. Its when he can home on leave, in fall was the first holiday we spent in eachothers presence with him being gone for military training and such, when two nieces& one nephew were born, heck my hubby is a fall baby. SO since I'm so crazy in love with fall I thought I'd make a list with pictures :)


2:All the gorgeous rich jewel tone colors, and since I have a warm skintone complexion most of fall colors goes great with me.

3: Bonfires, pumpkins,hot cider,smores, hay rides&pumpkin patches <3
4: Pumpkin Seeds!!!

                                                                                                                                             I was Venus God of Love and Hubby was a demon
5: Cute Coats :)

6: Cozy Clothes

7: Gossip Girl!!!!

8: and of course THANKSGIVING!!!

                                                                 What's your favorite part about fall??
                                                       xoxo -Lerin     

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