Friday, May 27, 2011

I joined the crowd!!

Normally that's a phrase that scares me lol BUT I've seen So, so, SO many women on youtube raving over China Glazes' "For Audrey" nail varnish. Supposedly they got permission to get the exact color of the Tiffany Box so they could replicate it. Hence the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Reference. See, I am a sucker for anything Audrey Hepburn. I have pictures of her hanging in my house lol So one could imagine why I fell in love and had to get it for myself.You can pick it up at any sally's store $5. It's a gorgeous color and I only had to do one coat so It's a win win for me. 

I also got China Glazes' Crackle glaze in Fault Line. It's ok, I in all honesty wouldn't buy it again because its not a manicure I would want all the time. Plus it can make your nails look unkept... anyways here it is:

                                          What are your favorites from Sallys?
                                                              XX Lerin

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