Saturday, May 14, 2011

Introduction to my Beauty Blog

Hi Dolls!! Welcome to my beauty blog!! I'm new at this so I hope I don't do too badly lol Anyways alittle about me: My name is Lerin, i'm from Missouri, Willard to be exact where the population is 3,000 including pets lol. I am currently in Fort Campbell while my husband serves in the U.S. Army as a SGT. (No hate comments on soldiers please, or they will be removed) Since I grew up on a farm hence my hobbies are farm related fourwheeler riding,horseback riding, Watching my baby neices play,having bbqs, town fests and much more it was kind of a shock to move into an apartment in the "city" if you could call it that. Some of my hobbies I can obviously still do but I was still looking for something to fill up my time and have fun at the same time.SO after reading many beauty blogs and watching COUNTLESS youtube beauty vlogers I have decided to take it up also. I've made a beauty channel on youtube but I'm getting the courage to upload the videos to the world. I'm shy and hate how my face moves when I talk. Stupid, yes I know but still lol. ANYWAYS I hope you enjoy and I enjoy tips from others so don't be shy to give me info in the comments as well :) Bye guys!

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