Monday, March 26, 2012

Haul time! and random bits

Hey Honeybees! So I don't know about you girls but when I get bored I have a tendency to shop : / ... A tendency I'm trying to break! In any case the damage is done lol So I thought I'd show ya'll what I got.
I went to Walgreens, TJ Maxx, and Sally's Beauty Supply.

TJ Maxx:
I'm a sucker for cardigans and at 12 dollars I couldn't pass this up!

 I LOVE this dress ahh! It doesn't look like anything special on the hanger but when I put it on,  it flatters my curvy hips, flatters my skintone ( I'm neutral warm skintone) Which sidenote: I find it odd that with my really pale skintone I've got warm tones! I always thought that pale skin was cool toned... shows how much I know haha.

Another dress that doesn't look like anything special until you put it on. Super flattering to my fellow hourglass figured girls ;)

The closest thing i've found to peplum. Hmmph but still cute nonetheless 

Wet n Wild Bronzer: Reserve your Cabana (Great Bronzer for us pale girls)
Maybelline Colorsensational: Pink me up (warm pink)
Revlon Moondrops: Lilac Champagne (Hot pink with a hint of purple,perfect bright for spring)
Revlon Just Bitten: Crave (Magenta Pink)
Maybelline limited edition
Wet n Wild Trio: Walking on eggshells 

So I got home only to find I already had walking on eggshells and it was a rude awakening. I've got more makeup than I need! Ahhh that money could seriously be saved up for my trip to Russia or my trip to Vegas next year for my birthday! Shame on me!! Tis the curse of a shopoholic lol.


Femme Couture in Raisin Berry and Parisian Pink
Palladio in Rose Berry and Cosmopolitan

 M&M cookie from Great American Cookies! Yummm
Me, sitting in bed... eating a cookie... when I should be exercising LOL 

Hope you lovelies have a good rest of the week!
XoXo Lerin


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  2. Great haul! You got some great pieces and I'm loving that nail polish color, perfect for spring and summer! The cookie looks amazing lol :)

  3. nice items... can't wait to see you wearing them!

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