Monday, March 12, 2012

Sarah Jessica Parker NYC Perfume

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Hey Honeybees hope your monday has gone well! Mine has been filled with writing a long letter to my friend Veronica in Russia ( Hey girl!) and being lazy. Yesterday, I popped into my PX and saw they finally got SJP NYC and of course I had no control so I got it haha. I have got to say Mrs. Parker always hits it out of the park when it comes to her perfumes and I love that she is so versatile with her fragrances! To be Honest the only thing I don't like is the packaging, it looks cheap but it smells so nice heyho.

The notes: This fruity-floral fragrance has enriched top notes of mandarin from Italy, white osmanthus and wild strawberries. A heart of SJP NYC incorporates gardenia, honeysuckle, mimosa and red Damascena rose, while a base includes vanilla absolute, sandalwood, rum and creamy musk.

What SJP has to say: "A large part of the inspiration was what I now understand to be people’s impressions of seeing Carrie Bradshaw walk down the street and what feelings that evokes for her and for them — a real sense of freedom and possibilities, a love for the city around her and, of course, fashion,” Parker said “We started with this idea that we wanted to create something fun. We wanted to create a party in a bottle and reflect that in the packaging with a real sense of whimsy, fun and joie de vivre. And then we took it from there. Portability and fashion played key roles in the development of the packaging and overall concept.”

My final thoughts: I always feel so lovely and warm wearing this like a warm sunshiney day :) Definitely worth checking out :)

     I hope you lovely ladies have a wonderful day!
XoXo Lerin

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  1. This one is really nice even though the packaging is quite tacky. A must for all strawberry lovers.
    Also check out SJP NYC Pure crush. It's a lovely tropical perfume i.e. if you like coconut scents.