Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shopping Haul Pt. 1 Bath & Body Works/review

Hey Honeybees! So I went on a shopping trip and thought I would break it up into multiple posts instead of a huge massive post lol. Bath and Body works ALWAYS lures me in even though I have SO many products that are not even halfway used up lol. They were having their 3 for $24 so I grabbed some scents I didn't have :)

So I wanted to pick up a refill of my coconut lime verbena lotion but sadly it has been discontinued, they only had the perfume. I picked up Aruba Coconut which sadly ins't the same but still good.

                          Then I grabbed sea Island Cotton, I'm still on the fence about this one : /

Then of course the Coconut Lime Verbena perfume (and SJP NYC, which I'll do a separate review)

Be Enchanted Body Butter, it smells like yummy iced pomegranate <3 

So onto the review, the body scrubs are a fairly new product... or new to Tennessee anyway and I have to say I'm not all that impressed. The scrub part is awesome but the scent lasts for about 30 seconds before it turns into this weird "plasticky" smell. I don't know if I got a bad batch or what but combine all that with the fact that you have to use alot of product even to just exfoliate your legs and the $15 price point I don't think I will repurchase.

                                                    Hope you ladies have a great Moday!
   XoXo Lerin

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